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Milano Contemporary Ballet is composed by young dancers.


The members of the company are selected among professional dancers who have already completed their training, improving their skills in contemporary dance and their artistic and creative qualities.


The daily training is aimed to the creation of  original repertoire performances. From 2015 to 2018, MCB collaborated with Studio Wayne McGregor in

the re-staging of repertoire performances.

Guest dancers and choreographers regularely collaborate with the company.

In 2019, the company collaborates with the Spanish choreographer Roser Lopez Espinosa.


The project is a unique experience inspired by the model of the best European junior companies.


milano dance company, contemporary ballet, performance

Milano Contemporary Ballet's project began in September 2015.
Starting from May 2016, the company's productions went on stage in different occasions.

The company began its tour with three productions: Wayne McGregor's Entity, TREdiTRE (choreography by Roberto Altamura) and Connections (choreography by Roberto Altamura and Vittoria Brancadoro).

In December 2015 Milano Contemporary Ballet was invited to  Roma for Dancing Festival.

On the 14th of May 2016, Connections was performed at Teatro Le Serre, Grugliasco (TO), in occasion of Grugliasco in Danza, a Festival where national and international dancers, choreographers and artistic directors can meet and perform their productions.
The whole show premiered on the 20th of May 2016 at Teatro di Milano and then toured at Teatro Comunale of Corato (BA), Teatro Nuovo of Napoli and  Teatro Civico of Vercelli.
On the 27th of May 2016, Rai 5 tv channel dedicated a part of its programme Memo – L’agenda culturale to Milano Contemporary Ballet. The artistic director Roberto Altamura released an interview about the project and the company's rehearsals were filmed and broadcast.

In 2016, Milano Contemporary Ballet restaged FAR (by Wayne McGregor) and created a  a new contemporary version of Cinderella, choreographed by Roberto Altamura and Vittoria Brancadoro on musics by Sergei Prokofiev.

The show premiered on the 29th of April 2017 at Teatro di Milano, and the tour went on at Teatro Comunale of Corato, Teatro dei Filodrammatici of Piacenza and Teatro del Popolo of Gallarate.

In June 2017, the performance TREdiTRE was selected for IDACO nyc, a platform for Italian artists visiting and living in New York. the company performed at Baruch Performing Arts Center (Manhattan); site-specific performances were made at the Italian Cultural Institute and Italian-American Museum.

In November, MCB was invited to the conemporary dance festival Vuoti Urbani at Spazio MIL (Milan).

Far - Cinderella was again produced in November 2017 by the theatre Fonderia Leopolda in Follonica (Tuscany).

In 2017, MCB re-stages Polar Sequences byMcGregor. The show Polar Sequences - CHRONOS, the new production by Altamura and Brancadoro, goes on tour in 2018 in different Italian theatres.

TREdiTRE was selected for the contemporary art showcase Vuoti d'Aria in San Benedetto del Tronto (Marche).

In the same year, two important collaborations: the dancers of MCB danced in the music video PRAY by Sam Smith, directed by the British Joseph Connor; Alramura and the dancers worked for the tv program Cyrano - L'Amore fa miracoli, broadcast on the national channel Rai2.

In August, an important collaboration with the City of Milan: the company performed two repertoire performances, TREdiTRE and CHRONOS, at Sforza Castle, during the festival Estate Sforzesca.

In the season 2018/2019, many collaborations with dancers and choreographers from major European companies: Vertigo Dance Company, Cie Hervé Koubi, Raza Hammadi, Roser Lopez Espinosa, NDT, Aterballeto, Ballet Preljocaj.

The company produced MATERIALI RELISIENTI by Loretta D’Antuono and re-staged Connections, by Altamura and Brancadoro. The company performed in Milano at Teatro Pim Off and at the Sforza Castle for the summer festival "Estate Sforzesca", in Dornbirn ( Austria ), in Udine ( Italy ) for the dance festival “What we are”.

For the new season, MCB will re-stage The Flock by Roser Lopez Espinosa.


Duration: 20 minutes
Concept, Direction and Choreography: Wayne McGregor
Music: Jon Hopkins
In collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor
Re-staging: Neil Fleming Brown, Jessica Wright, Davide Di Pretoro

On 10th April 2008, Entity started at Sadler Wells in London.
An hour-long breathtaking trip through a soundscape created by Jon Hopkins.
ENTITY is a staggering blend of athletic bodies, lights, technology and film which confirms McGregor’s place at the cutting edge of contemporary culture.
Technically astonishing, emotionally uncompromising and hard-hitting. McGregor’s work breaks boundaries and defies categorisation.
Milano Contemporary Ballet, in collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor, has restaged an abstract of this masterpiece of contemporary dance.



performance contemporary dance milano, dance show


Duration: 25 minutes
Direction and Choreography: Roberto Altamura
Music: A. Vivaldi

TREdiTRE is the result of a research coming from the need to exploit the dancers' body as an instrument at the service of movement and music.
The performance brings on stage a dance made of breaths, strong and physical but at the same time delicate and ironic.
The three dancers use their movement to enrich Vivaldi's composition with new colours and nuances. Alternating aesthetics, technique and different qualities, TREdiTRE fascinates the audience with a breathtaking, powerful and dynamic dance, deeply connected with the music.

dance prformance milano


Duration: 25 minutes
Direction and Choreography: Roberto Altamura/Vittoria Brancadoro
Music: Nils Frahm, Pan Sonic, Terry Riley, Sandro Dandria

The attraction between individuals is a limitless power, capable of establishing strong bonds, even just after a brief encounter.
Just as  magnets, we can attract and capture other people, causing them and ourselves to whirl in a vortex that we cannot explain, but which changes our bodies and our minds feelings.
Connections talks about our endless search for someone or something that accompany us, completing and compensating our missing pieces, just as we felt a vital need to find an extension of ourselves.
Through experiences, links, relations and contacts, the moving body creates continuous connections with himself and the others.

dance solo, milano contemporary dancers, dance milano,





Duration: 10 minuti
Dancer: Laura Pina
Choreography: Roberto Altamura
Music: Woven Hand

It's morning. It's cold and bright.
You prepare. Are you wearing your boxing gloves as usual?
The lip-stick drips, the pearls fall down. You give up.

You fall.

FAR/ excerpt

Duration: 20 minutes
Concept, Direction and Choreography: Wayne McGregor
Music: Ben Frost
In collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregor
Re-staging: Jessica Wright, Davide Di Pretoro

FAR is an intense, creative journey that comes from a physical and powerful choreography by Wayne McGregor, inspired by Flesh and the Age of Reason, (FAR is the acronym) by Roy Porter, an exploration of body and soul.
Milano Contemporary Ballet stages an abstractof it.


Duration: 40 minutes
Direction and Choreography: Roberto Altamura/Vittoria Brancadoro
Music: Sergei Prokofiev

This production is a contemporary version of the well-known fairy tale.  The choreographers Roberto Altamura and Vittoria Brancadoro decided to shift this everlasting classic into a present-day setting, in order to tell us who Cinderella has become today.


Duration: 20 minutes
Concept, Direction and Choreography: Wayne McGregor
Music: Henry Purcell, Merzbow, Amon Tobin, Rioji Ikeda, Marilyn Manson

In collaboration with Studio Wayne McGregorRe-staging: Catarina Carvalho, Davide Di Pretoro

In Polar Sequences, McGregor created a work that suggests alternative realities, where sensory landscapes collide with breathtakingly strange movement to build an alien universe.


Duration: 30 minutes
Concept, Direction and Choreography: Roberto Altamura and Vittoria Brancadoro

Costume Design: beatrice Garofoli | KIZETTE

C H R O N O S nasce da un'esigenza personale: l'intima necessità di esternare le proprie inquietudini riguardo allo scorrere del tempo. Non possiamo controllarlo o manipolarlo, siamo inermi di fronte ad esso. Parlarne diventa allora antidoto contro l'oppressione e l'ossessione di un tempo che ci sfugge dalle mani senza che possiamo fare nulla per fermarlo.


Roberto Altamura

Art Director and choreographer

Jasmine Wilson

Director of Creative Learning

Studio Wayne McGregor

Vittoria Brancadoro


Maria Raffaella Alessandrini

Production and Press Office

Ph: +39 392 736 7926

Benedetta Pitscheider

Official Photographer

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Neil Fleming Brown

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